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EN57-001 the first unit of such a numerous PKP class departing from Dêbica as the passenger train No. 1032 from Rzeszów to Kraków G³ówny.

29 Mar 2003

EN57-001 now seen from the rb part side, at Jas³o depot.

21 Apr 2003

EN57-113 22216 Katowice-Wolbrom leaving Olkusz.

11 May 2004

EN57-736 as the passenger train No. 10028 from Gdynia to Tczew departing from Gdañsk Oliwa station.

30 Dec 2002

EN57-739 leaving Lublin as a passenger train to Dêblin.

30 Jul 2001

EN57-749 as a passenger train from Gdañsk to Tczew departing from Skowarcz train halt.

08 Jul 2003

EN57-910 heading for Lublin G³ówny. Lublin Rury.

28 Jul 2001

EN57-924 entering Lublin as a passenger train from Dêblin.

05 Aug 2001

EN57-940 2433 Sêdziszów-Katowice. Rabsztyn between Jaroszowiec Olkuski and Olkusz.

11 May 2004

EN57-981 + 1408. 428 Katowice-Sêdziszów departing from Olkusz station.

10 May 2004

EN57-1071 + 1210 as a passenger train Sêdziszów-Katowice between Rabsztyn and Olkusz.

08 May 2004

EN57-1080 with EN57-1074, as fast passenger train 'Giewont' from Czêstochowa to Zakopane, passing Mas³oñskie Natalin.

19 Jun 2003

EN57-1087 before departing from Jas³o as a passenger train to Gorlice.

21 Apr 2003

EN57-1096 maneuvering at Gdynia Cisowa EMU depot.

31 Jan 2003

EN57-1172 as the passenger train No. 632 to Tarnów, at Krynica station.

19 Oct 2003

EN57-1272 + 1292 as the fast passenger train 43127 'Giewont' Czêstochowa-Kraków G³ówny running through Tunel station.

12 May 2004

EN57-1291 leaving Szczecin G³ówny.

02 Nov 2003

EN57-1320 Motycz Le¶ny train halt.

08 Mar 2003

EN57-1333 at Lublin depot.

12 Apr 2003

EN57-1337 as the fast passenger train No. 58511 'Torunianin' from Toruñ to Ustka, before departing from Lêbork station.

27 Jun 2003

EN57-1348 + 1720 as a passenger train Katowice-Sêdzizów between Olkusz and Rabsztyn.

08 May 2004

EN57-1373 entering from Dêblin direction.

16 Feb 2003

EN57-1373 at Lublin G³ówny station.

27 Mar 2003

EN57-1379 at Lublin Tatary freight station, during the Railwayman's Day.

22 Nov 2003

EN57-1379 maneuvering at Lublin Tatary station.

22 Nov 2003

EN57-1379 at Lublin Tatary station.

22 Nov 2003

EN57-1400 as a passenger train from Kluczbork to Katowice, leaving Tarnowskie Góry station.

04 May 2003

EN57-1401 in the area of Remtrak Idzikowice EMU repair compound.

20 Jun 2004

EN57-1408 + 891 as 4236 Katowice-Sêdziszów. Rabsztyn between Olkusz and Jaroszowiec Olkuski.

11 May 2004

EN57-1442 maneuvering at £uków station, after finishing its journey from Dêblin.

13 Jun 2003

EN57-1458 with EN57-919 (both from ZPR £ód¼), at Stalowa Wola Rozwadów station.

26 Apr 2003

EN57-1501 as the passenger train No. 129 from Dêblin to Che³m, departing from Motycz station.

23 Feb 2003

EN57-1502 as a passenger train from Poznañ Franowo shunting-yard to Poznañ G³ówny. Between Pokrzywno PK and Poznañ Staro³êka.

05 Jul 2004

EN57-1511 leaving Lublin with the regional train No. 21126 to Terespol. This is one of the modernized EN57 units.

18 Oct 2003

EN57-1531 on one of the tracks at Gdynia Cisowa EMU depot.

31 Jan 2003

EN57-1709 passing Motycz as the passenger train from Dêblin to Lublin.

06 Sep 2003

EN57-1711 entering Stasin as a passenger train from Dêblin to Che³m.

25 Oct 2003

EN57-1794 with EN57-1793, as a passenger train from Gdynia Chylonia to Bydgoszcz calling at Gdañsk Oliwa station.

31 Dec 2002

EN57-1819 as a passenger train from Gdynia to Bydgoszcz, between Subkowy and Pelplin.

27 Dec 2003

EN57-1953 - the last EN57 unit produced, furthermore in a painting pattern completely new in the range above 1900, departing from Mierzêcin Strzelecki as the passenger train No. 129 from Krzy¿ to Szczecin.

08 Jul 2003

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